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                                              THANK YOU TO ALL WHO JOINED US FOR BEAST FEAST 2010

                                                                                 Please visit us at the

                                                                       Pine Tree State Sportsman Show
                                                                         in Winslow on March 18,19,20

                                                                                and then again at the 
                          Maine Sportsman Show
                                                                   in Augusta, April 1, 2, 3 Fri, Sat, Sun

                             SEE YOU AT BEAST FEAST MAINE 2011 
                                                                AT THE AUGUSTA MAINE ARMORY

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It all started in 2007 when a buddy of mine said, “ Hey, I want to start feeding people”. I said OK what’s your plan? He said” I have no idea, lets just do it!”  So we set out to do just that and in a short time things were “crankin”! We put together an event called Beast Feast Maine and focused on wild game to attract outdoor enthusiasts of all types. We’re geared primarily toward men and young men of sporting age, you know, the “BBQ and grillin” kind, MEAT EATAHS!!. Well, my pal was a caterer by nature and and had this insane desire to make sure people are fed healthy, wholesome meals. But he never really delved into wild game meat ‘til he met me.  I’m a registered Maine Guide and all I care to eat “is wild crittahs”.

      Anyway, we received a gift of wild ducks, among other things, for our first event. My buddy said we needed something unique to turn this fowl into a great appetizer. He told me to make it happen! I tried and apparently I did!  Honey Ginger marinade and glaze was born and was a huge success, everyone raved about it.

      As the event grew, so did our desire to feed more people. Now we needed to find a way to fund our annual meal. We tried a few different avenues to raise money but that really wasn't much fun, then one day it came to me, hey, the Honey Ginger was a hit, what about other sauces created for wild game? And there you have it!


     Beast Feast provides food and or resources to local food pantries and soup kitchens by using a part of the proceeds generated by the sale of our sauces and spice rubs and or items donated.  Any financial donations are accepted and 100% will be used to purchase items as needed.

We are always developing new sauces, rubs, and uses for our products to enhance your dining and entertainment experiences. Keep in mind, our sauces and rubs aren't just for wild game, they enhance anything and everything!

     Thank you for your support and patronage by purchasing Beast Feast Maine Sauces and 
Spice Rubs. 

     I am excited to say that I have created NEW ENGLAND'S, if not the country's FIRST HOT SAUCE specifically formulated for LOBSTER/ SEAFOOD.  This sauce is a combination of what most people already enjoy with their seafood meals, lemon and butter.  I just added a little bit of extra spice, Maine Seaweed and some heat.  The heat is from the right mix of Grains of Paradise, white pepper, habanero and jalapeño peppers. 
     This sauce starts out with a nice lemon blast that wakens the pallet, followed by flavorful spices that introduce the heat slowly, and then finishes with butter flavor.  Use this sauce as a dredge for mussels, clams, oysters; for dipping or drizzle over your lobster or fish fillets. Check out the RECIPE section of the website for the LOBSTER HOT SAUCE BAKE RECIPE.  We have several pictures of how it was prepared.  This lobster was over 4lbs. and the stuffing was excellent.  Our dog (DOC) even got into the preparing of the lobster.  He didn't know what to think of him crawling on the floor.  This stuffing would also be great for baked stuffed haddock or anything seafood!!!


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