"I swear, I don't know how they do it, but the hits just keep coming.  If I were stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing to put on my fish, fowl etc. you can bet good money it would be a selection out of Beast Feast's stable.  Not unlike an extra spicy BBQ sauce, Bootleg 9.9 has a distinct smoke flavor that really sets it apart.  This bottle has been opened for just 4 days and it has maybe one more meal left in it.  Outstanding stuff! No nutritional info available.  You can order this sauce from their store.  Seriously, if you read this blog and the hot sauce reviews and you haven't tried their sauces yet, you are missing out on some excellent stuff."




"Beast Feast sauces never disappoint and I always like something different.  There are tropical flavors at play here, pineapple and lime give a very distinct taste.  That said, this sauce works best as the star of the show, not an addition.  Think of it as a topping for your chicken or pork, I had to use a ton to taste it on dishes that already had strong flavors.  Beast Feast is great at taking you right to limits of comfortable heat and not  pushing too far.  I was surprised how far down the list the scorpion pepper was for the amount of heat it produced.  I guess that is how you roll when you make a sauce with the hottest pepper in the world.  Seriously, if you are into hot sauces and you haven't tried anything from Beast Feast yet, you are missing out.  I implore you to try them.  One bottle will make you a believer, get Scorpion Punch!"





"Easily one of the best sauces I've ever had.  Packs an excellent sweet taste   and plenty of heat, kind of like Tiger sauces bigger, stronger brother, with a killer ingredient list and four peppers in the mix, it's a little wonder that the outcome is awesome.   I've said it before, if you see big bits of ingredients, you can almost guarantee it will be good.  I opened this bad boy on Tues. and it is more than halfway gone.  Seriously, this stuff is great.  Product of Maine and courtesy of my buddy Wyatt."




​"Beast Feast Maine has done it again! Don't let the title mislead you, there isn't lobster in the sauce but it is an excellent compliment to seafood and (obviously) lobster. I took this bad boy to the beach with me and I will say that it works as promised.  I talk a lot about how I like sauces that are different.  Tell me how often have you seen Maine Seaweed, butter and Grains of Paradise in an ingredient list.  This one starts right for seafood with a lemon taste and a buttery finish complimented with spice, habanero and jalapeño.  It is exacting, but not overpowering and lingers just until the next bite.  Seriously, if you live on the coast or consume a lot of seafood, get a bottle now.  This stuff is great and you better believe this one is coming along to every future visit to the Fish Market!"



     I met Dana of Beast Feast Maine at his Booth/Tent in the Fall in Meredith, NH.
We had a discussion about the lack of sugar free BBQ sauces. I have Type II diabetes and try to watch my intake of sugar and other "bad carbs". I suggested diabetics are a growing and seemingly (to me) untapped market. I make this pitch to a lot of vendors at such events. Most never follow up...
     I ended up buying a bottle of the Habanero Infused Olive Oil. We cook with it, but I also put it into a misting spray bottle to add just the right amount evenly to sandwiches, wraps and food while it's cooking. I needed to order 2 more bottles within the month.

     After walking away with my olive oil, I tried some chil from another tent. It was ok, but bland for my taste. I saw they had a bottle of BFM's Gourmet Hot Sauce, which I had seen but not tried. Dana had thought to give them a sample for customers to try. I added it to the Chil and it was great. I had to go back and buy a bottle to take home. I ordered 2 more bottles later, and just ran out. I need to order more tomorrow. I have been adding it to my burgers, eggs, and other stuff that needs a little zing.
     A few weeks later, Dana contacts me by email and asks me if I would like to try a sugar free (stevia added) ketchup he is working on as a result of our conversation. I was surprised, and interested to see how it would come out. A week or two later, he sends me a bottle to sample... And it tastes like ketchup!  :-)
     Ketchups vary. Some are good, some are bland. Some have a lot more sugar than others (McDonalds is known for this). It is a very good ketchup and no sugar added. I will be ordering more.
     Last month, Dana contacts me again. He has a Dry Rub he has been developing using Stevia instead of sugary ingredients. He sends me a sample to try. I used it to prepare pork ribs, first broiled, then baked the rest of the way in the oven. They tasted great. Spicy and tender. I will be ordering more of the rub (when it's available).
     In summary, everything I have tried so far has been exceptional, and Dana seems to really listen to his customers and take them seriously when they make suggestions or provide feedback.

Thanks Dana@

Tom Funke
Moultonborough, NHType your paragraph here.

A big thanks for the comment from an Executive Chef (JI) who purchased our Gourmet Hot Sauce and is one of our best selling hot sauces!  

"I've been in kitchens for most of my life, this sauce is the best I've ever had! Thank you for that!  Keep up the good work."



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